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Why Turkey?

In recent years, tourists are coming to our country for treatment from around the world because our country offers health services that can compete with qualified healthcare services in developed countries. In addition to public health services in Turkey, especially after the 1990s, the private sector has made serious investments in health care. As a result of these developments, private healthcare institutions have begun to increase especially in the large provinces, which can compete with European standards. The opening of these health facilities to overseas markets with high costs in terms of construction and operation is increasingly mandatory in terms of reducing these costs. In addition, the geographical location of our country and the trained and educated manpower in the healthcare sector are among the major advantages of Turkey in health tourism.

Why Vien denta?


Located across the Princes ‘ Islands in Istanbul, our center has the latest technology in the field of oral and dental health and provides optimum treatment services in a short time with its expert staff in all areas. Our clinic, which is 10 km away from Sabiha Gokcen airport, is located in the center of Istanbul. We have been professionally accepting patients from abroad for 5 years and we provide our own transfers between our patients ‘ airport, hotel and treatment center. We offer comfort and safe accommodation in our contracted hotels, and if you wish, our cultural excursions in Istanbul are provided by the contracted institutions. We also offer accommodation in our clinic. The treatments you need by our specialists are being done, and you can browse the entertainment and cultural life of Istanbul by our professional team within your treatment process.