Aesthetic Smile Design

Smile Design

The first key to self-confidence, the beginning of positive energy, the unification of words with emotion, the reflection of the self, the perfect magic of the human expression of happiness begins with a smile.

Lips resemble red in minds and teeth are white. As with other colors that make whites white, the light reflects the necessary amount of light in the matter by taking the necessary quantity and reflecting the required amount. The forms and sizes of the teeth are as important as their whiteness. At work, the beginning of the smile, which is freely the outward of self-esteem, with its white and neat teeth.       People focus on their first encounters, smiling at each other’s eyes and lips. In a harmoniless smile, your eyes immediately concentrate on one’s teeth, trying to find the cause of nonconformance. There is no problem with a harmonious smile, our eyes record positive images of the brain.       Smile design is the primary interest of aesthetic dentistry. Aesthetic Dentistry aims to fulfill your personal expectations by bringing the functionality and naturalness together. *

Smile Design Necessity

Do you keep your smile while photographing? Happy Smile aesthetic

* Do you ever shut your mouth with your hand when you laugh?

* Are there any fillings and bruises on your front teeth?

* The color of your teeth is not as white as you want it?

* Do your front teeth have gaps between them?

* Do the size of your teeth bother you?

* When you smile, your gums look so good and your lip can’t close your gums enough?

* Do you have the crowding and irregular sequinges in your teeth?

* Would you like to have someone else’s smile?

* Do you miss the colors and forms of your teeth before years?

Factors Affecting Your Smile

* Your gender

* Your age

* Your face shape

* Your lips

* The form and color of your teeth

* Your Gums

* Your personality is pink aesthetic

An aesthetic smile is possible only by white, not with regular teeth, but with gums that are compatible with these teeth. It is impossible to refer to people with gum problems in aesthetic teeth or an effective smile. Problematic gums will prevent the aesthetic appearance of the teeth from bleeding, incompatible with the strokes that should be, display the edema and disproportionately the levels. The biggest problem in these is that the gums appear too much during the laugh. Preventing the gums from appearing too much during the smile is possible by adhering to the principle of protecting the mucosa and support tissues with small gum operations. For individuals with healthy teeth and gums, adjusting the gingival levels in the smile design will be with the help of the gum specialist. Another problem is that the length of the teeth from the gum withdrawal is visible, and the yellow-brown appearance, resulting from the color of the tooth’s root surface at the gums level. Gum withdrawal is an anatomical and aesthetic problem. In both cases, the prevention of gingival withdrawal and loss of tissue are aimed at regaining, the result will be satisfactory in terms of aesthetics and function.