All-on-Four Implant Treatment

Crown Over Implant in 36 Hours

All On Four Implant Technique 

Dental implants are the most effective solution for patients who have difficulty due to lost teeth. Dental implants provide an image like your own natural teeth and perform their functions in that way. The All on four technique is a technique that allows the replacement of dental prostheses on the same day on four dental implants that are placed at certain angles in patients with full toothless. All On Four Patients who are scheduled to be treated must first have a clinical and radiological examination. Measurements are performed on computed tomography (CT) and a suitable planning is made to the patient. This treatment consists of two phases as surgery and dental prosthesis procedures. After 4 dental implants have been implanted in the patient as planned on the day of treatment, temporary dental prosthesis is fixed on dental implants within 36 hours. After 3 months, the patient has permanent dental prostheses.

Who can be applied?

This treatment can be applied to all patients with full toothless (no females) who do not have any systemic disease that will constitute an obstacle to dental implant surgery and have adequate bone volume. The temporary dental prosthesis that is fixed on the dental implants after the procedure can be used immediately. However, in the 3-month period, which is the process of bonding the bone with dental implants, patients must be fed with a recommended diet. After the completion of this process, the permanent prosthesis can be returned to the normal diet. • The same day wi

What are the advantages?

th a single surgical procedure to complete toothless patients, provides the possibility of permanent dental prosthesis.

• The operation is easier because there is no advanced surgical procedure such as sinus lift (sinus elevating surgery), bone addition.

• Dental implant surgery time is very short.

• The number of dental implants used is reduced and the cost is even lower since it does not require extra surgical procedures.

• Individual planning, aesthetic appearance and smile aesthetics are provided.

• Easy to clean and maintain.

• Suitable for patients who are unable to use a movable dental prosthesis.

• The design differs according to the dental prosthetic (full-tooth prosthesis). It is easier to use because it does not cover the patient’s finish.

• It is suitable for patients residing outside the city or country because the number of treatment sessions is minimal.

A reliable technique?

All On Four technique (4 implant techniques) has been successfully applied in dentistry for more than 10 years.

This technique provides patients with a reliable fast and low cost treatment for dentistry. Although it requires extra cost, technology and skill, it is often used by physicians who are engaged in this field and it is seen that a very high success rate is achieved.

What is the difference between the classical implant and the bridges?

In the standard implant technique, implants are placed on the jaw bone with an average 90 degree angle. A minimum of 6 implants are required to support the bridge prosthesis. In order to be able to make teeth on the 3-6 monthly recovery time should be expected. In addition, sometimes a bone graft may need to be applied if the patient does not have adequate bone tissue.

Differences between traditional treatment

All On Four Technique:

• Requires only 4 implants for a fixed bridge.

• It is usually a cheaper and more effective solution.

• Treatment can be performed mostly by applying bone graft.

• Implants and teeth can be worn in the same time period (in a single appointment).

Traditional method:

• 6-8 implants are required for a fixed treatment.

• More implants, surgeries and appointments are more expensive as required.

• Usually bone graft is needed and the duration of treatment is longer.

• Requires more than one appointment, no temporary prosthesis should be worn until permanent prosthetic.

• 6-8 requires a monthly recovery phase.