Detox Treatment

What is detox treatment?

The most effective way to improve a chronic disease or defective health conditions is to cleanse the body of toxins and destroy the underlying cause of the resistance, which reduces immunity, pollute the blood and tissues, and attracts microorganisms. That’s Detox.

The human body produces internal toxins as a result of daily functions, even if the environment is not involved in pollution.

When they are burned in the cell to produce energy, glucose and oxygen are exposed to other toxic byproducts, such as acidic wastes and carbon dioxide. When the organism is functioning normally, these toxic wastes are produced rapidly. So the normal body is purifies naturally. Excessive accumulation of toxins creates blood poisoning and provides the necessary environment for diseases. The accumulation of toxins in the metabolism is the cause of the disease.

There are two reasons for the retention of toxins in the body. The first is a large amount of toxins from the natural level of metabolism, caused by excessive exposure to unnatural environmental toxins in the food air and water.

The latter is; Unhealthy personal habits are the normal disposal process that does not process due to the weakened nervous system because of excessive fatigue and hyperactive moder

Where and How is Detox Used in Dentistry?

n life. The most common ailments of dental medicine are the halitosis and gingivitis, which occurs due to the accumulation of toxins. As a result of treatments performed by conventional methods, the odor of the mouth and the frequent gum inflammations are destroyed by applying detox treatment. Detox treatment is not a single treatment method, it is used for the purpose of supporting conventional methods.

Detox treatment in our clinic is evaluated according to the patient’s complaint and drinks a treatment process of 2, 8 sessions per week. After the treatment of the patient’s conventional methods begins the detox treatment process.

The patient’s designated cure is applied with sauna and steam detox.