Digital Dentistry

What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital Dentistry is a smart oral scanner and computer with the help of the procedures performed by the classical methods in dentistry.

With digital dentistry, permanent and temporary porcelain teeth, bridge teeth (veneered teeth, porcelain teeth), porcelain and composite inlays and onlays tooth fillings, dental implant-top crowns (porcelain teeth) and bridge dental prostheses are made.

It takes up to 3-5 minutes to measure with intraoral scanner. Your new female is prepared and pasted on the same

What are the Advantages?

day. In digital dentistry, you can measure within minutes and your new teeth are produced and your new teeth are glued in the same day. There is no need to use the measuring spoon and measuring materials used in classical dentistry. For patients with a gag reflex, this is a great advantage. It can also be made with a much more harmonious and error-fr

What can not be done with digital dentistry?

ee teeth. Mobile dental prostheses with digital dentistry (full, part, insert and remove) are not available for now. The sele

What is the material of teeth made with digital dentistry?

ction of materials according to the intensity of the teeth and the area of the incoming forces is determined by the physician. In digital dentistry, a mixture of zirconia, empress, composite and composite porcelain materials are used.