She was born in Bulgaria in 1991. She started her high school education at the Anatolian High School and then graduated from Doga College on scholarship.  She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Marmara University, which was educated in English in 2016.  The university has worked on children and adult patients in her dissertation on the treatment of traumatic teeth with endodontic and aesthetic approaches. She participated in courses and seminars on aesthetic dentistry and smile design.


-Planning to simantate porcelain laminate veneer training 2017 Dentsem

-Aesthetic restoration of posterior teeth with canal treatment 2016

-Stratified Anterior composite application Training 2016

-Diastema closure training with Composite restorations 2016

-Dental Laser Application course 2017 Vesta

-Canal treatment course with rotary tools 2016

-Edad Digital Smile Design Training 2017