Exp.Dr. Dt. Çiğdem DEMİRCAN

She was born in Gaziantep in 1982. She completed her high school education at Gaziantep High School (foreign language) in the Department of Science. In 2000, she started the Department of Dentistry in Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry (English). After graduating from the school with a good degree in 2006, she completed her Ph.D. in the Department of Health Sciences of Yeditepe University, Department of Orthodontics, between 2007-2011 and 2007.

Work experience

  • Orthodontist Specialist: Private Vien denta oral and Dental Health center 12.2017-still in progress. Istanbul (Asia)-Turkey part time
  • Orthodontics Specialist: Dt. Çiğdem Demircan çimplicit Practice 06.2017-still continues. Istanbul (Asia)-Turkey free
  • Orthodontist Specialist: Private Dentevim oral and dental health clinic 08.2016-still in progress. (1 year, 4 months)
  • Orthodontist Specialist: Private dentaport oral and dental health clinic 09.2015-09.2017 (2 years, 2 months)
  • Orthodontist: Special advice for oral and dental Health Center 11.2012-05.2015 (2 years, 6 months) Istanbul (Asia)-Turkey part time
  • Orthodontist Specialist: Private aydent oral and dental health clinic 01.2012-12.2012 (11 months) Gaziantep-Turkey full time
  • Orthodontic Specialist: Clinique Dent beaute 08.2011-12.2017 (6 years, 4 months) Istanbul (AVR.)-Turkey part time
  • Dentist: Persmed agiz ve dis sagligi poliklinigi 01.2007-08.2007 (7 months) Istanbul (AVR.)-Turkey full time


  • Efficiency in lingual orthodontics with self ligating customized system American Orthodontics-10.2017 Harmony Certification Course
  • Orthodontide in-bone anchorage and clinical Applications Medikodental-05.2017 Prof. Dr. Nejat Erverdi
  • Simplify your mechanics for challenging cases Dr. Chris Chang-10.2016
  • Continuning Education in Orthodontics FACE Treatment Philosophy 2 year advanced Orthodontics course Domingo Martin/Dr. Renato Cocconi-02.2016
  • Improving Orthodontic Outcome Dr. John Bennett-01.2016
  • Intel Certification Course 3m Unitek-04.2014
  • Application of orthodontic treatment in embedded teeth XIII. TOD Symposium-11.2013
  • ‘ 87th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society ‘ participation Certificate EOS (Istanbul)-19.06.2011
  • 111th American Association of Orthodontics Annual Session ‘ attendance certificate aao (Chicago)-13.05.2011
  • Use of temporary anchorage devices in Orthodontics ‘ course participation Certificate Dr. Mario Alessandro Greco (medifarm)-29.11.2010
  • International TOD Congress participation certificate TOD-28.10.2010
  • Everything you should know about the Herbst Appliance ‘ course participation Certificate Prof. Dr. Hans Pancherz (12th) TOD Congress)-28.10.2010
  • MBT Technical and Therapeutic Mechanics ‘ Course Attendance Certificate Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tamer Büyükyılmaz (3m Unitek medifarm)-21.06.2010
  • Diagnosis, Facial Planning and Treatment of orthognathic Surgery Cases ‘ course certificate Dr. G. W. Arnett-24.05.2010
  • TOD 7. Certificate of participation in the regional meeting TOD-17.05.2010
  • International Quintessence, III. Dental Hek. Certificate of participation to the Joint Congress of Laser Academy Association of Dentistry Laser Academy Association-11.12.2009
  • Certificate of participation in Orthognathic surgery and facial aesthetics ‘ course Dr. Mehmet Manisalı (11. TOD Symposium)-18.10.2009
  • Orthodontide Mini-Screw applications ‘ course Participation Certificate Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tamer Büyükyılmaz (3m Unitek medifarm)-22.06.2009
  • TOD 6. Certificate of participation in the regional meeting TOD and Omü dis Hek. Fak. -05.04.2009
  • Treatment Guidelines in Orthodontics ‘ Course attendance Certificate Dr. R.G. Wick Alexander (American Orthodontics)-07.02.2009
  • Fixed Anchorage Systems in Orthodontics ‘ course certificate DDS, PhD. Dr. Birte Melsen (American Orthodontics)-06.02.2009
  • Extractions for Function, esthetics, periodontal Health and Stability ‘ participation certificate Dr. Renato Cocconi, Dr. Domingo Martin-16.10.2008
  • 11. Under the International TOD Congress International TOD Congress participation certificate TOD-13.10.2008
  • Certificate of participation in the regional Scientific meeting, Turkish Orthodontics Association (TOD) and Sdü dis Hek. Fak. -21.03.2008
  • Certificate of participation in orthodontic preparations before orthognathic surgery TOD and Sdü dis Hek. Fak. -21.03.2008