Exp.Dt. Ayşe Tuba ÖZALP

In 2008, she graduated from Selçuk University, Faculty of Dentistry, successfully completing her dentistry education in 2013. During this period, she gave a seminar on the “Remineralization agents used in Pedodontide” at Selçuk University. In 2014, she started her specialization training in the Department of Endodontics of Karadeniz Technical University.  She received trainings on advanced endodontic initiatives during her specialization training.

6-8 March 2015 in Erzurum, organized by the Turkish Society of Endodontics, 6. In the International Congress, ‘ ‘ The reimplantation of an avulse tooth that remained in the oral environment for a long time ‘ ‘ was presented in a case report.

11-14 may 2017 the 7th of the Turkish Endodontics Association in Kyrenia, TRNC. In the International Congress, ‘ ‘ the sediment caused by the mixing of irrigation breakouts destroys the connection of the channel boom with calcium silicate content? ‘ ‘She performed an oral presentation of her work.


On 21-24 September 2017, she presented a case report titled “Endodontic and Restorative therapy of the young permanent central tooth in trauma” in the 23rd International Dentistry Congress of the Turkish Dentists Association.

On December 28, 2017, she completed her specialization training by presenting her dissertation study titled “Examining the Physicochemical properties of calcium silicate based root canal Patchoma”.

She currently works at the Oral and dental health clinic in Vien Denta.

Some of the Congresses and Seminars She Attended

* implant-assisted prostheses and planning in complete toothless patients (2013-Konya)

* Preventive applications in patients with orthodontics (2013-Konya)

* Occupational Health and Safety (2015-Trabzon)

* 6th International Endodontics Symposium (2015-Erzurum)

* 7th International Endodontics Symposium (2017-Girne)

* 23rd International Congress of Dentistry (2017-Istanbul)

* 14th Traditional Black Sea Spring Symposium (2018-Samsun)

Some Academic Trainings She Received

* Emergency endodontic Treatments

* Endodontic applications under general anesthesia/sedation

* Devital tooth bleachers

* Apeksogenezis, apeksification and Revitalization Treatments

* Treatment of resorption cases

* Post-core applications

* Approaches in trauma cases

* First aid and basic life support