Porcelain Laminated Teeth

What is laminated teeth?

] A thin layer of porcelain is a prosthetic study performed with the bonding of the material to the front of the teeth after a slight erosion of the teeth on the front side. Porcelain is prepared in a very thin layer of light to pass and reflect the natural tooth is very close and thanks to this feature provides excellent aesthetics. The most important advantage is that the teeth are not cut too much, and when necessary, a stage of advanced treatment allows the tooth to be fully cut and coated with porcelain.

How long does the Porcelain Laminate Veneer Kuron treatment take?

• The patient’s closure and habits are reviewed in the first session. • Necessary radiological examinations are performed. • Photo analyses are performed. • Tooth color is decided. • With the help of composite fillings, the image to be obtained after the procedure is displayed to the patient. • In the front of the teeth without the need to perform anesthesia, a slight level of abrasion and measurements are taken. • Porcelain laminate veneer crowns prepared in the second session are checked on the patient. In this session the color, harmony, when the shape is checked after the correction needs to be called more patients than one session. If there is no problem, the teeth are pasted in the second session and after a week, the patient is called to check in the third session and the final examinations and corrections are completed. • This session is especially the session where Gingival harmony is examined.

How to care for the Porcelain Laminate kurons?

• Use of oral shower as well as tooth brushing • No breakout process for hard food with front teeth • Use of night plaque in the presence of tooth tightening or squeaking habits • Giving up on the nail eating habit • Six Do not neglect monthly checks