Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

The yellowing and stains present in the teeth for a variety of reasons reduce the desire to laugh in individuals. These reasons include intense tea, coffee, nicotine consumption, white patches due to excess fluted water, and grey yellow spots due to antibiotic use. With teeth whitening, it is possible to access white smiles without any prosthetic interference. After a detailed examination, your physician will direct you to the home type or office type whitening and help you to have a whiter smile in a short time.

Are there how many types of teeth whitening applications?

1. Office (Power) bleaching

2. Homebleaching

Office type whitening process is applied by your dentist within 45-60 min. The essence of the process is based on the teeth and the whitening gel is activated by activating a special light and oxygen emissions. The freed oxygen provides an opening in the enamel and dentin color. Rubber Dam (rubber cover) or gum protectors are used to cover the gums during the procedure. Mostly one-date face-laughing results are obtained. Rarely 2. or third. Appointments are needed. At the end of a single appointment, a return of 10 to 20% can be made in 48 hours without whitening. Therefore, be careful not to consume foods that give oral hygiene and color during this process.

Home Type Whitening is a method that individuals can apply at home. A plaque is used as a standard produced by a dentist or a different material in this process. Low concentrations of bleach gel used in the type of office are used in home type whitening. The results can be obtained by applying 2-4 hours per day in a week.