Our Corporate Structure

Our Mission

As Vien Denta, it is able to offer oral and dental health treatments to all needs holders using the latest technological facilities with approved methods of international standards in all branches of specialization.

Our Vision

It is to be a reference center in our country and in the international field based on the methods of oral and dental health as well as treatment center and academic work with unorthodox techniques.

Our Children World

Our children’s oral and dental health is our most important mission. For this reason, we evaluated the children’s oral and dental health unit completely independently in the psychological and academic control of specialist physicians. It can be very difficult to take children to the dentist and to treat them. That’s why the game world we create for children creates a sense of entertainment from a dental clinic and comes to our clinic willingly. We meet with child psychologist and pediatrician specialists who will prepare them for dental examination sessions, just by thinking that they are not enough to come. We also work with pool parties and other activities in summer, and we are going through a thousand ways of practicing our children in our dentists and clinics.

Detoks Sauna Buhar


Detox is to get rid of harmful toxins that enter our body in various ways and are waiting to be discarded as waste material.
There are two main reasons for the retention of toxins in the body. First of all, food is caused by excessive exposure to unnatural environmental toxins in the air and in the water, so that the toxin is loaded above the natural level of metabolism. The other is the normal breakthrough process that does not process due to the weakened nervous system because of unhealthy personal habits, fatigue and hyperactive modern lifestyles. ‘ Everyone needs detox in varying quantities and shapes according to their lifestyle and needs. Detoxsa signs that you need headaches, back pains, frequent colds, fatigue, joint pains, nose itch, irritability, skin rashes, cough, drowsiness, skin rash, chest growls, eyes irritation, insomnia, nausea, sore throats, deceleration in your defense system, dizziness, indigestion, neck retention, variable mental structure, anorexia, blockage of sinuses, anxiety, halitosis, circulatory disorder, fever, depression, constipation. Our aim is to detox; We should try to keep our acidity rate at ph 7 and increase our oxygen ratio. When there are non-inflammatory causes in the treatment of halitosis, it is necessary to assess the accumulation of excess toxins in the body. This Nedenele detox can be used as a treatment method. It is used as a support for detox therapies in our clinic, faster recovery in infection treatments, rapid healing of the wound after surgical procedures, and detox with the methods of academic dentistry in halitosis treatments We recommend treatment. Detox is not only provided by nutrition. We may restrict adding new toxins to our body with changes in our diet, but we need to exercise or sweat in the sauna to dispose of existing toxins from the body. We should also be able to throw our poisons through urine and feces. The sauna and steam rooms we create in our clinic are applied as auxiliary treatment techniques within the scope of detox treatment.